Why PosterSpy?

Over the past 3 years PosterSpy has grown into a huge global community of emerging and established artists that all share a passion for creating art related to movies, tv shows and video games. Our website is unique, there’s no other site like us. By working with us, you can invite artists to create shareable, visual media that you can use to tell your own narrative. Promote your content with beautiful, engaging artwork created by the worlds best artists.

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PosterSpy connects the entertainment industry to artists around the world who are committed to creating incredible, shareable fan artwork.

About Our Campaigns

PosterSpy has worked with many incredible brands to promote their upcoming releases by hosting poster design campaigns. Our past campaigns include Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mr. Robot, The Neon Demon, The Imitation Game, Assasin’s Creed Unity and more. We’re the web’s number one visited site for alternative posters, so it makes sense to choose us for a poster design campaign.


Average Social Reach per campaign

How Does it Work?

Before we get started there’s a few things we need from you.

  • A Creative brief that explains to artists what they need to do and how they take part
  • Supply any promotional images that we can use across social media
  • A set of T&C’s
  • Let us know when you want the contest to start and end

What We Do

  • Image Curation
  • Hosting of the brief and all assets
  • Community Management
  • Social Media promotion across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Fast Results
  • Reliable Communication with our clients

Our Clients


Working with us


We love what we do. We love working with studios and agencies to bring artists new opportunities. We run a community with open minded, brilliantly talented individuals who are always ready to take on new challenges.


Running a campaign with us will increase your visibility, our past campaigns have gained over 3,000,000 social reach in just 2 weeks. We work tirelessly on social media to promote the artists work and your project.

Our Brand

PosterSpy is the worlds number one visited site for alternative posters. We specialise in Movie, TV and Video Game posters. We are a globally recognised brand that people trust and believe in. We’re also huge supporters of artists rights and will always protect our members.

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